Creating a great game starts with the “game concept”. We offer help to take the idea to the next level and make it into the desired game, because game concepts are not just about what and how the game is, but  also about knowing what creating the final product involves.

Graphic design & DTP

We offer a wide range of graphic design services with an expertise of 18 years on the market.

  • Brand design.
  • Design for different game elements like cardsboardstokens. Incorporating the illustrations, designing the icons.
  • Art direction.
  • Illustration.
  • Designing rule books and art books.


Our extensive experience in package design and small scale packaging production gives us the know-how and tools to create successful game prototypes.

  • Game boxes of different sizes and materials (white or brown corrugated cardboard, Favini Sumo special white tinted graphic cardboard). The design is printed on high quality decal vinyl material and applied to the cardboard.
  • Foldable game boards from grey graphic cardboard.
  • Rounded corner game cards of different sizes from 250-300g cardstock or special, high durability vinyl cardstock.
  • Game tokens from special white 1mm thick cardboard.
  • Cut-out game figures from 1mm special white cardboard.

Printing production

We can offer larger scale print production for your paper based game elements and boxes through our partners. These partners work with high-end printing and finishing equipments for even large scale paper and cardboard based workflows.

We also have options and partners for production of plastic or metallic game elements.



How can we help?

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